Who may attend as an observer?

In accordance with the Rules and Procedures of the Assembly, members of the public did not have access to the meetings of the Citizens’ Assembly but the plenary sessions were streamed live at

However, it was recognised that certain organisations/ individuals may have a legitimate interest in being present at the meetings to observe proceedings first hand.

In light of this, representatives from the following categories were permitted to be present at the plenary sessions of the meetings of the Citizens’ Assembly:

  • Advocacy Groups, Non Governmental Organisations and Religious groups
  • Embassies
  • Political parties
  • Academics
  • Social Partners

Rules and Procedures for attendance at meetings of the Assembly*:

As a general principle, the Chairperson shall act as spokesperson in relation to administrative or procedural matters.  All instructions from the Chairperson directed at observers should be adhered to by observers.

While the names and general areas where members come from are available on, other personal details of the Members must be treated in strictest confidence.

Any individual or organisation which attempts to contact a member to try to influence their views on a particular topic will be automatically excluded from attending Assembly meetings.

Observers may be present for the plenary sessions and must leave the venue for the private sessions.

All observers must remain silent throughout the sessions and be respectful of the members and the Assembly proceedings at all times.

The use of mobile phones will not be permitted.

Failure to observe these rules and procedures will result in automatic exclusion from all Assembly meetings.

*REVISED February 2017