Key Principles for the Assembly

The Assembly’s six key principles are as follows:

Openness: the Citizens’ Assembly will operate with complete transparency with all plenary meetings being broadcast live at and all documentation freely available. The Assembly should be open to hearing from all sections of society on any issue, including our Diaspora and young people under 18 years of age, who are not directly represented in the Assembly membership;

Fairness: it is important that we allow the full spectrum of views to be heard on every issue and that our briefing material for Assembly members is of the highest quality;

Equality of voice: amongst all Assembly members. Each member will be given an opportunity to voice their opinions, should they so wish;

Efficiency: the Assembly will make best use of our limited time together and ensure that all documentation is circulated in advance so members can properly prepare for meetings;

Respect: it is important that members can freely and confidently make contributions and express their views without fear of personal attacks or criticism; and

Collegiality: we will work together in a spirit of friendship as together we embark on this task.